in-Home cooking interactive workshops, hands on fun and/or demonstrations

At your home or at my place. groups or individuals. 

Some ideas of a fun cooking instruction gathering include:

  • Ladies night

  • Date night 

  • Friends at home cook together 

  • Family night cooking together 

  • Plant Based cooking ideas and tips (I have a Plant Based Cooking Certification from Rouxbe Cooking School)

  • Small birthday party cooking with friends

  • We meet and plan a week meal and make it together according to your needs and likes

While cooking lessons vary in length, the average group cooking lesson for up to 8 people uses around 6 hours of service including planning, shopping, cooking and clean up (I will leave your kitchen spotless).

Basic rate is $60 per hour for cooking workshops, and you cover the cost of the groceries (we plan the meal together, of course!). E.g.: You want to have a great couples night, let’s say 4 couples (8 people) would spend around $360 plus groceries. 

In the end, your actual price will depend on the time used and the cost of your ingredients at the grocery store.

Meal preparation customized to your needs

I will love to come to your home to cook! We will meet and have a thorough conversation about you and/or your family likes, dislikes, dietary needs, everything (see below for a more detailed list of things we will cover at our initial meeting). 

After our meeting I will send you a tentative menu that you will approve or make changes as you need. I will send you each of the ingredients that will be used to prepare each meal. Once you agree on the menu, we set a date and time and I will go to your home and cook.

Basic rate is $49 per hour, plus the cost of groceries

How it works? I will meet you (at no cost) to talk about the following: 

  1. Likes and dietary needs: what do you like, your dietary needs, dislikes and plan a menu for you/family/loved one. You will show me your kitchen to see how everything works and your pantry. You will tell me what do you want, individual meals? family size meals? maybe make some sauces for you to have ready to toss with your favorite pasta? snacks for your family? meatballs (all meat, veggie) for you and your kids? side dishes? I want to make your experience as individualized as possible, so you tell me what you need and I will make it work for you. 

  2. Containers for your meals (do you want individual portions? a big pasta pan for your family?), will you be providing me with containers? do you want me to get the containers for you? (at an additional cost). Will you want me to leave some things frozen and some others in the refrigerator? I will use any containers of your preference. 

  3. Grocery shopping: We will discuss who will be doing the groceries shopping. You or me? Do you want organic? do you have a favorite store? We can definitely discuss this and even plan for us to meet at a couple of groceries stores where I can show you what do I see when I make my own grocery shopping and read some labels as well (at an additional charge of basic per hour rate). Anyway, once we decide upon the menu, we will share an app to do the groceries and be sure that I have everything to make your meals. 

  4. Length of service will depend on menu arranged, but rest assure that all the time at your home will be exclusively used to make your food!

  5. It will be very helpful that the day I show up to cook, your counters have enough space for me to be able to cook, so try to declutter and have the sink clear and dishwasher empty. Your refrigerator and freezer should have enough space for me to be able to store the prepared meals.

  6. As I will be cleaning your kitchen, please leave out the cleaning products and equipment you would like me to use. Also, please be sure that dishwasher is emptied and that you had fill it with your dishwasher detergent of preference and set up (you can show how it works when we meet). No animals or kids should be around the kitchen either. 

A note about groceries and why they are not included in the price: Each person/family have different ideas and budgets in terms of groceries. I want to be able to provide you the best service within your budget. Preferences also are very wide and unique. If you would like me to do your groceries, I will provide with receipts. 

Meal planning, pantry clean out and grocery shopping tour - let me be your cook coach!

Would you like to cook for your family healthier meals but do not know where to start? We can meet and talk about your likes, dislikes, dietary needs and everything about food! We can also do together a pantry clean-out, go to your favorite grocery stores where I can show you healthier options and compare products. We can plan a meal together, snacks for your family according to your needs, basically, anything you need!! After our meeting I will send you a summary of our conversation with a tentative meal planning for up to 2 weeks for you to have, and tips and options for all the members of your family. 

Basic rate is $49 per hour.


Please check my website and social media sites for future workshops! I can also go to your next ladies night for a fun pasta making night, or a memorable evening with friends to make amazing dishes and enjoy a good time!