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My goal is that you make and/or eat more meals at home! i believe that no matter what your definition of “healthy”is, everyone would agree that a homemade meal surpasses by far anything processed.

Some of the real food we can make together or I can make for you includes:

  • Learn to make basic meals and techniques according to your likes and needs

  • Let’s get together to make risotto where i will share all the secrets to accomplish a creamy but light texture (with or without dairy!)

  • Fresh pasta is easy to make!! we can set up a great event to make ravioli, gnocchi or fettuccini.

  • Incorporate plant based options that are easy and taste great too

  • Make soups from scratch, no store bought broth needed!

  • Explore salad options and make your own dressings

  • Learn to make yummy sauces for your pasta! Including pesto

  • Make food ahead for your kids! like breaded chicken tenders, quiche, meatballs, all from scratch

  • Master empanadas making with endless fillings

  • Create chicken/meat/meatless dishes with several side options

  • Learn to make great starters and finger food

  • Afternoon tea: scones, finger sandwiches, fruit tart, cake

  • Stews for the winter and pot pies, Shepherds pie (with or without meat)

  • Breakfast meals and planning ahead

  • Crepes night, as a main course and for dessert!

  • Spanish night: patatas bravas, mussels with white wine sauce, goat cheese baked in tomato sauce, tortilla (egg omelette), croquettes, etc.

  • Easy weeknight dinners

  • Desserts 101